(pop: 25,000) Located in the Far East, Zhengys is a large, Daroon city.

As part of the nation of Kurand, this exotic city has been visited by few outsiders. However, Zhengys is well known in the Far East, and conducts a thriving trade with the neighboring city of Fang. Most visitors arrive via the River Kok, a major commercial waterway.

Local History

Thousands of years ago, this city was the capital of the ancient Empire of Shang-Zhou. The importance of the city ended during the War of the False Spring; a long and bloody conflict between the Empire and the Kingdom of Adar..

In the fateful year of 287/4, the city of Zhengys was captured and burned by the Adari King Markov Penrose. Soon after, the Daroon signed a peace treaty granting Adar control of much of their former territory.


After its destruction, Nakata became the "new" imperial city, and Zhengys lost much of its cultural significance.