(pop: 25,000) Zhengys is a large, Far Eastern city located within the nation of Kurand.

The city is populated almost entirely by ethnic Daroon and has been visited only a few outsiders. In fact, most men of the West have never even heard of this exotic city.

However, Zhengys is well known in the Far East, and conducts much profitable trade with the neighboring City of Fang via the River Kok.

Local History

Thousands of years ago, this city was the capital of the ancient Empire of Shang-Zhou. The importance of the city ended during the War of the False Spring; a terribly long and bloody conflict between Adar and the Far East Empire of Shang-Zhou.

In the fateful year of 287/4, the city of Zhengys was captured and burned by the Adari King Markov Penrose. Soon after, the Daroon signed a peace treaty granting Adar control of much of their former territory.


After its destruction, Nakata became the "new" imperial city, and Zhengys lost much of its cultural signficance.