Battle of Zhared

(AR 12) Zhared was the site of a huge battle between the Eloysian armies of Al'Dur Kharata and the forces of the City-State of Sionjhäe.

The Overlord of Sionjhäe was confident that he would defeat the young Emperor, because of two factors: Sionjhäe had the largest standing army at that time on the continent of Azoria, and Al'Dur was young and considered inexperienced. But, Al'Dur proved to be a brilliant military leader; trained in the art of war by his tutor Aristos. His cunning strategy completely destroyed the 100,000-strong army of Sionjhäe, while losing less than 10,000 of his own men. This defeat was largely due to the incompetence of Caliph Fareed; the ruler of Sionjhäe.

The battle was such a complete disaster that soon after, Caliph Fareed was assassinated by the officers of the Saffron Legion. the newly appointed Caliph of Sionjhäe then surrendered his city a few days later. The Battle is still considered the greatest victory in the Seven Glorious Conquests of Al'Dur.