Zheren Dynasty

The Zheren Dynasty was a line of Thannish rulers descended from King Byron; who assumed rulership of Orel in the year 491/6, after the death of King Agathar Xantheras II during the Battle of Shult.

The House of Zheren ruled the Kingdom for 240 years and a total of nine monarchs sat upon the Gilded Throne at Castle Arianna.

The Zheren Dynasty ended in 731/6 when King Bryce was slain during the War of the Broken Crown. It was succeeded by King Larkin Trevino, whose descendants still rule Orel today.

The Zheren Monarchs of Orel

Byron 491-527/6
Lysander 507-527
Brion 527-544
Berand 544-579
Krysta 579-613
Arneth 613-652
Beren 652-668
Byron II 668-706
Bryce 706-731/6 †