City-State of Zhin

Capitol: Zhin (population: 64,000)
Population: 95,000 (97% human; of 93% Hakeen, 6% Daroon, 1% other)
Government: Sultanate
Current Leader: Sultan Zathros Maz-Dur (N 13th level aristocrat)
Coat of Arms: yellow dragonfly on a pale green field
Exports: tapestries, fragrances, pearls, flax, textiles


On the Vhan Myr Coast is the only remaining community of free Hakeen people left on the continent of Corwyn. The Hakeen seaport of Zhin was once part of the lost Xholar Empire, but the √úthrari devastation of that civilization has made this city a lonely and independent outpost of Hakeen culture. Zhin is located on the Vhan Myr coast, in the far eastern-most edge of the Vakara Grasslands, near a fertile river valley along a branch of the Zorath River. The city derives much of its its wealth from sea-trade with the three Hakeen island kingdoms of Ilsenene, Rhaygos, and Styr. Zhin also trades with the Western nations of Corwyn for its famous exotic perfumes and fragrances, beautiful tapestries and its exotic textiles markets. The city of Zhin has a high walls and a large military of 8,000 warriors that has kept it from ever being conquered by either the Kurandians or the √úthrari. Most of its people yearn for the day when they will retake the Vakara Grasslands and free their western cousins from the √úthrari yoke of slavery, but for now it is only a dream. Zhin is accessible via the Vhan Myr and via the Slavers road which leads west to Ul-Samad.