(pop:30,000) Zirak-Anor is a large Drow City-State located in the Underdark.

The City of Zirak-Anor is located in a vast underground cavern, deep below the Isle of Vesarivon.

From the surface, the only known access point to the city is through a series of deep caverns near the city of Starfall.

Even then, reaching the city requires a dangerous trek of 120 miles underground.

The Ruling family of the City is House Azinräe, which competes for power with its arch-rival, House Vonnarc.


1. Xharn Cavern
2. Vostrac Cavern
3. Citadel of Tor-Anor
4. Eyes of Flauros
5. Trogodyte Warrens
6. Tenements / Slums
7. Skree Workhouses
8. Plazas of Tribute
9. House Misraria
10. Lake Cythiva
11. Fungal Farms
12. The Blind Eye (Inn/tavern)
13. The Vampire Queen (Inn/tavern)
14. The Purple Serpent (Inn/tavern)
15. Mysria Falls
16. Lower City
17. House Azinräe
18. House Nirvestas
19. House Rygirnan
20. House Vonnarc
21. Pale Market
22. Lake Tymas
23. The Venom's Kiss (Brothel)
24. The Enigma (Store)