Battle of Zorath Valley

(287/4) Zorath Valley was the site of a fierce battle between the armies of Adar and the Daroon Empire of Shang-Zhou, during the War of the False Spring.

King Markov Penrose; son of Elroth, invaded the Far East in the Year 275/4, starting the terrible War of the False Spring. Markov was a brilliant military leader, and he displayed those skills during that war. Over a period of twelve years, Markov defeated the imperial Daroon forces many times and expanded his holdings eastward.

In the year 287/4, Cloud Emperor Singh; who was tragically corrupt and incompetent, gathered a massive imperial army to crush Markov and his Adari invaders once and for all. When the armies clashed at Zorath Valley, one thing became clear. The Adari forces were well-trained, well-equipped, and extremely well-led. The imperial armies; made up of peasant conscripts, were not. As a result, the Daroon were decisively defeated, and Adar gained complete mastery of eastern Corwyn.

Sages agree that during this one-sided battle, over 100,000 Daroon warriors perished, but only about 7,000 Adari soldiers were slain.

Soon afterward, the imperial capital of Zhengys was captured by Markov and Shang-Zhou was forced to sue for peace. At that point, the only remaining powers in the East were Adar and √úthrar.