The Zûl are seven wraith-like spirits of long dead eastern kings, who were enslaved by Sorimmar long ago.

These seven ‘Shadows’ are the Dark Lord’s most trusted lieutenants and enforcers of his will. Each of the seven carries a masterwork greatsword that has a large black gem set in its pommel. These Zûlenthir, or ‘Shadow Stones,’ carry the life energies of the wraiths trapped within and are indestructible unless thrown into the fires of Mt. Orendren. The Zûl appear as tall human warriors, clad in ornate silver and black scale and plate mail, covered with hooded black cloaks and robes, with only shadowy vapor underneath. The faces of the Zûl are black voids, save for two bright red orbs that are the creature’s eyes. The Zûl can communicate verbally or telepathically in any of the known languages of Corwyn.

The most legendary of the seven Zûl was King Koroth of Drakhara. One by one, the seven great eastern kings of the early Fifth Age accepted the Zûlenthir, then their life energies were drained and they became immortal undead, with a hatred and disdain for all living beings. The Zûl are powerful and highly skilled with both the sword and the use of magic. There mere presence will send most men running in fear, and their touch is so cold, it will paralyze or even kill most mortal men. These wraiths ride specially bred, black Equinäe horses or black winged steeds from the Abyss. These seven lieutenants of the Dark Lord have caused much misery and death during their existence. They have led the armies of Morgoth in the Arctic War, the War of the Cataclysm, and the First and Second Morgoth Wars. Many brave kings of the West have been slain by their hand.

Over the centuries, the Zûl have slain the following kings in battle: